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―  Theme : "The Conference of Fluid Engineering Division"  ―

―  Theme : "Mechanical Engineering Congress, 2018 Japan (MECJ-18)"  ―

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Enjoy Fluid Experiments Lab.

Quickly Lifting a Plastic Sheet Lay tissue paper on a table; place a plastic sheet on it; and try pulling the plastic sheet upwards
A Simple Air Cushion Make a simple air cushion using a plastic bag
Breaking A Disposable Chopstick Place a disposable chopstick on the edge of a table and try to break it with a stick

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The hot topic on study, technological development and R&D in fluids engineering fields

Effect of roughness on mean flow properties for turbulent boundary layer

Takatsugu KAMEDA(Kindai University),
Shinsuke MOCHIZUKI(Yamaguchi University),
Hideo OSAKA(Yamaguchi University)

Development of numerical method for mass transfer from a buoyant bubble under a high Schmidt number condition

Rihito ADACHI(Osaka University, currently Mitsubishi Electric Corporation),
Takeshi OMORI(Osaka University),
Takeo KAJISHIMA(Osaka University),

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Let's explore lab! (Introduction of laboratories)

Development of innovative battery technology by large scale quantum/molecular simulations

Takashi Tokumasu, professor,
Quantum nanoscale flow systems laboratory, Nanoscale flow division
Novel battery nanoscale flow laboratory, Innovative energy research center(concurrent)

Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University

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